Powerful Human Tools for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing

Whether you're an individual, a school, an organisation, or a Human Toolbox Practitioner - thank you for joining me on here.

Hi I'm Lindy Wheeler

I've been passionate about mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for many years and I'm delighted you've joined me on here to learn more about The Human Toolbox.

What started over 15 years ago as a few drawings and explanations for young people who were struggling to engage in school has evolved into an 8-module programme suitable for humans of all ages. The programme is simple, visual and very easy to understand.  Why not scroll down and learn more...

Life can be really stressful. The latest figures show that one in four of us struggle with anxiety or depression!

The great news is that we all have powerful Human Tools to help us manage stress, anxiety and depression. The Human Tools are completely natural, free at source, they work instantly and they have absolutely no nasty side effects! 

We've all got powerful Human Tools - we simply have to learn how to use them! 

In an ideal world we would learn about our Human Tools in early years by seeing others use them.  They are tools designed to be learned organically, passed from one human to another and from generation to generation. Sadly this often doesn't happen and we end up as adults struggling to cope in an ever changing world without the skills to deal with change or to manage the stress and anxiety it creates.

We find ourselves explosive with rage and pushing others away or imploding with anxiety which impacts on our physical and mental health.  Sometimes we we do a bit of both and end up feeling powerless, exhausted and difficult to be around.

There's no need to feel like this.  Nature gave us powerful HumanTools to help us manage our mood, calm and soothe our anxiety and relieve stress. Nature also gave us tools to help us connect lovingly with others which is essential to our wellbeing.

Learning to use your Human Tools is a bit like learning to ride a bike. You need a little courage to get started and a little determination to keep going... but once you've found your balance you'll never look back!!

Why not take a look at what others say about The Human Toolbox...


As a company we were going through a period of huge change.  Our staff were struggling and we needed help.  Lindy came in to do a Human Toolbox Workplace Wellbeing Day and it went down a storm.  The team really gained insight into how to look after themselves - and we're delighted to recommend The Human Toolbox.
For 12 years I had suffered from acute anxiety and depression. I'd been on the brink a couple of times and been admitted to hospital.  When Lindy showed me the Human Tools I began to feel hope... and now my life is back on track! I feel more energised and motivated than I have for over a decade... and suddenly anything is possible. 
My daughter was struggling with anxiety and couldn't cope with school. She'd begun to school refuse and I was at my wits end to know what to do.  We found The Human Toolbox so helpful. We completed it as a family and we all benefitted from it.  It just makes so much sense... and it brings so much relief!
I trained as a Human Toolbox Practitioner a couple of years ago and I use the programme with all my clients.  As a counsellor I am always keen to help clients find strategies and tools that work - and the Human Toolbox ticks all the boxes!

What are the Human Tools?

Humans are AMAZING... we've evolved over millions of years and as a species we have a real drive to thrive.  The Human Tools are nature's way of holistically and organically keeping us safe, well and balanced. Once we start to use them in our daily lives we start to feel more in control, more energised and more able to focus. Sleep patterns improve, general physical health improves, mood lightens and hope returns. Suddenly life feels a whole lot better.
Let's take a closer look...

The Control Tool

The human brain controls everything you do, think and feel. Did you know you don't have one brain... you have 3 and collectively they are known as the Triune brain.  Understanding how the Control Tools works will help you to stop procrastinating, be more focused, be less impulsive, more responsive....and far  more in control of life!

The Input Tools

The Input Tools provide vital information to your brain about what's happening around you, and inside you.  Your five senses and highly intelligent gut and heart are working constantly, even when you're asleep... to keep you safe, well and ALIVE!

The Back-up Tool

Feelings and emotions play a vital role in keeping you safe and well. Your powerful Back-up Tool acts as an emotional hard-drive storing all this important information until you take action.  Learning about your Back-up and how it works will prevent you from EXPLODING with anger or IMPLODING with anxiety.

The Release Tools

Understanding your body's natural response to stress brings huge relief. The Release Tools create feel good chemicals which naturally reduce stress and lift your mood. You can use them anytime day or night, they have no side effects other than to make you feel great... and they are completely free of charge!

The Fuel Tools

Humans burn a lot of energy during the course of the day and you need to ensure you keep topped up and energised.   You need fuel in the right quantity, the right quality and at the right time. When you're running low you'll feel tired, unfocused, lacking in motivation and purposeless. When you use the right fuel at the right time you'll feel vibrant, energised and raring to go.

The Connect Tools

Human's are social animals and we need to connect healthily with others, to ourselves and with nature in order to feel safe, valued and happy. When we use these amazing tools it's not just our mood that lifts... we also boost our immune system, lower our blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and protect our heart!  It's a real win/win all round!

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