The Backup Tool

Your emotional back-up system

Human feelings come for a reason. They provide vital information about the action we need to take in order to keep ourselves safe and well.  If you've watched the little slide show 'What Humans do...' then you'll understand what happens to our feelings when we try to ignore them, or distract away from them.

Feelings that we don't acknowledge or action don't just go away. Our powerful brain knows how vital they are to our wellbeing so it literally stores them on our own internal 'back-up' device.  It's exactly like the hard drive on a computer, except it stores emotional data until we get round to acting on it, or dealing with it.  Sometimes it stores this data for years!! A full Back-up system uses a huge amount of energy. Energy you could be putting to far better use.

Understanding how to look after your Back-up Tool is an essential life skill. Ideally you’d have learnt how to process feelings in early years by growing up with adults who showed you how to deal with anger, anxiety, rage, and sadness appropriately. Sadly many don’t have this privilege and consequently we have to learn how to deal with our feelings, and our 'hard-drive' or 'baggage' in later years.  The good news is that it's NEVER to late to learn.

Once you understand the purpose of feelings and emotions, and you begin to manage your Back-up system effectively you'll no longer need all those harmful, time wasting distractions. You’ll sleep better, focus more effectively and be far more proactive and energetic.

If want to learn more about how to manage your feelings and emotions then come along to a seminar or workshop and join others who are on the same journey.