The Fuel Tools

Your inbuilt guide to mind/body nourishment

The Human mind and body needs careful and consistent refuelling to work efficiently and effectively. Of course we need food and water, but we need other vital fuels which keep us healthy, vibrant, motivated and happy. Your Human Fuel Tools let you know EXACTLY what type of fuel you need, EXACTLY when you need it, and EXACTLY how much you need. When you don’t understand your Fuel Tools and you fail to read the signs things start to go wrong. If you ignore the signs you’ll likely feel emotionally and physically empty and exhausted. If you misread the signs you might ‘overfill’ becoming hyper-active, over weight and over wrought.

Your Fuel tools are there to keep you ‘topped up’ in all areas of your life and they expressly prevent you from ‘running on empty’. If you’ve ever travelled on an airplane then you’ll be very familiar with the warning to ‘place your own oxygen mask on before coming to the aid of others’. Exactly right – you can’t perform effectively unless you are replenished and in good order yourself.

So if you’re struggling with tiredness, lack of focus, weight issues, boredom, lack of purpose or motivation; or if you’re at the other end of this spectrum and suffer from hyper activity – then you’re not using your Human Fuel Tools effectively.

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