Becoming a Practitioner

Becoming a Practitioner – The Details

We are keen to ensure that our Human Toolbox Practitioners meet the following criteria:

  • Show a willingness to use a facilitative (non-expert) style of working with classes and small groups to enable learning and growth
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Feel comfortable using a range of participatory methods to enable children and young people to learn
  • Have an ability to demonstrate anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice to create an inclusive teaching environment
  • Have an ability to challenge appropriately and model good group work practice
  • Have an ability to select and develop materials appropriate to specific outcomes and individual learners
  • Be engaging, empowering, enabling and encouraging
  • Have an ability to be reflective and with a commitment to self evaluate and seek help and advice
  • Have a strong belief that children and young people are inherently good and entitled to be heard and supported to grow
  • Have experience of working with a range of learners from diverse backgrounds
  • Have an ability to role-model acceptance, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and kindness
  • Have an ability to laugh, have fun and to connect appropriately and congruently with children and young people
  • Have appropriate knowledge and understanding of safeguarding and child protection policies with the school, academy or organisation
  • A genuine interest in human development, growth and wellbeing

In order to qualify as an Authorised Human Toolbox Practitioner you will need to complete the 3-day Practitioner Training Course and Graduate.  We reserve the right not to Graduate attendees who do not engage well with the course, the materials and the humanistic, existential and person-centred ethos of the programme. Where this happens we will make a full refund of all fees paid to attend the course.

Human Toolbox Tools for Schools Practitioner Training can be carried out on-site at your school for groups of 10 or more Practitioners. Discounted rates for courses and site licenses are available on request.