The Connect Tools

Your key to vibrant, healthy relationships

Humans are social animals. We need good, trusting, loving relationships to keep us feeling safe, balanced and happy. When we don’t feel connected safely to others we feel lonely, sad, miserable and isolated. This in turn leads to anxiety and depression and often a feeling of deep detachment. Some describe this as emptiness.

You have the most AMAZING set of Human Tools to help you make meaningful, warm and loving relationships with others.

Those who know how to use their Human Connect Tools are easy to identify. They have great relationships with their partners, their children and their work mates. They’ve formed lasting friendships, have a great social life and they are often in demand. They feel good to be around; they’re warm, balanced, confident, curious and often huge fun.

Do you know anyone like that? Would you like to be more like that yourself?

The key to connecting healthily with others is to understand a little bit about the magic of biochemistry. You don’t have to know all the boring technicalities, but you do need to understand enough to recognise how to generate the hormones and neurotransmitters that attract others to you. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re ready for warm, loving, meaningful relationships, then it’s time to learn about your Human Connect Tools. But be aware … before you can learn how to love and connect with others you have to learn how to love and connect with yourself.