The Input Tools

The Powerful Senses, Gut and Heart

Your brain relies on the information it receives through your five senses and your highly intelligent gut and heart. These powerful Human Input Tools keep your brain informed of what’s going on around you, and inside you, constantly - even when you’re sleeping. Your heart and gut are vitally important in providing essential information to your brain. Have you ever had a really strong gut feeling about something and ignored it? Have you ever felt your heart was going to break? This innate intuition plays an importat role in keeping you safe and well - and yet often we ignore it, or override this useful information. 

Learning about your Human Input Tools and using them effectively can really improve both your mental and physical health.

Often we block out sensory information – not taking time to consciously register what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch; not listening to what our gut or heart intelligence is telling us. We choose NOT to listen because we’re too busy, too distracted or simply because we haven’t yet learnt how to make the connection between these powerful input tools and the brain which controls everything we do.

We also have an incredible high-speed internal data highway which passes information between the brain and all the vital organs of the body.  The Vagus Nerve (or Wandering Nerve) literally wanders down the spinal column connecting our facial muscles, heart, lungs, gut, liver, kidneys and spleen to the brain - ensuring that we are fully connecting our mind and body and vice versa'.  When we 'block'  or ignore this vital information we lose power and connection with ourself,  and both our physical and mental health begins to suffer. 

In the Human Toolbox Programme Input Tools module will really help you 'come to your senses' and connect fully with yourself.

  • You’ll feel calmer and more in control
  • You’ll be less reactive and more responsive
  • You’ll learn how to self soothe and self regulate your mood
  • You’ll feel ‘safer’ to be around
  • You’ll feel more alive and vibrant
  • You’ll learn to seek more ‘joy’ and less ‘fear’ in your life
  • You’ll find yourself more engaged and curious
  • You’ll trigger ‘feel good’ brain chemicals
  • You’ll sleep more soundly, feel more alert and be more able to focus

Switching on your Human Input Tools and fully engaging with life brings one other major benefit. You’ll not only feel better … you’ll LOOK better too. It’s like a facelift … from within!

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