Working with Lindy

It’s All About You

There are certain times in our life when we reach a crossroads or a time of change when we need some help, support and guidance to find a way forward. This powerful combination of counselling, psycho-education and coaching can really help you move forward positively.

The Counselling Sessions

‘It’s all about you’ does exactly what it says. Over six 90 minute sessions we will work through the following:

Session 1 – Assessment

We will complete a number of questionnaires and diagnostics including PHQ9, GAD7, Warwick-Edinburgh Wellbeing Scale, AAGS (Adult Attitude to Grief Scale), Life Balance Wheel. We will also do a Human Toolbox Questionnaire and complete a ‘What Humans Do…’ questionnaire to help us assess your current emotional and physical health. There will be time in this session to discuss the outcome of the questionnaires and to highlight some areas for us to focus on.

Session 2 – Life timeline

In this session we will plot the highs and lows of your life on a timeline to give you a birds eye view. You’ll be AMAZED at what you discover from this session about how your life experiences have formed your personality.

Session 3 - Personality Profiling

In this session we will complete a Yung Myers-Briggs Personality Typing and explore your personality style impacts on your relationships and your career

Session 4 – Your communication style

In this session we’ll explore the triune brain model and discuss Transactional Analysis and ‘the games people play’. This session will really help you to find your ‘Adult Voice’ so that you can communicate clearly and effectively with your family, friends and colleagues.

Session 5 – Ready, steady, go!!

In this session we will explore the changes you wish to make in your life, and set some short, medium and long term goals to focus you on the next part of your journey.

Session 6 - Taking care of yourself

In the final session we will look at the powerful Wheel of Life model and explore the tools you have for looking after yourself as you move on with the next stage of your life.

Who might benefit from this powerful life rebalance.

  • Those going through life stage change like menopause
  • Following redundancy
  • Leading up to or following retirement
  • Returning to work
  • After a relationship breakdown
  • When the kids have all left home


Individual sessions: £90 per 90 minute session. Paid in advance: £500 for all six 90 minute sessions.