Working with Lindy

The Human Toolbox Programme

Why not travel through the Human Toolbox Programme with me on an 8 week journey of discovery? By the end of it you’ll know more about being Human than billions of others, and you’ll be able to share the powerful Human Tools with your friends and family. Each session lasts for 1 hour and we will tailor it specifically for you. There will be worksheets, resources and homework to complete each week, and at the end you will receive a Human Toolbox Graduation Certificate together with a personalised summary of the major learning point and goals.

Week 1 – Getting started and What Humans Do…

Week 2 – The Control Tool – learning about your amazing Triune Brain

Week 3 – The Input Tools – your powerful senses, intelligent gut and wise heart

Week 4 – The Back-up Tool – learning about the stress response and the vagus.

Week 5 – The Release Tools – learn how to relief stress and anxiety holistically

Week 6 – The Fuel Tools – keeping yourself topped up, energised and motivated

Week 7 – The Connect Tools – creating happy, healthy relationships

Week 8 – Graduation and Putting it all together.


Individuals: £60 per session

Family: £90 per session